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ABOUT Margie

Long before the birth of “Mommy Culture”,  Margie Cherry was giving birth to two daughters and a new kind of humor she dubbed “Mom-Com”, first with her groundbreaking cartoon in 1990, “The Art of Motherhood”, then with her stand-up “Momedy” act (which she had to give up because of all the vomiting…on her part as well as the audience’s), and lastly with her popular seminars, “Mom’s Comedy Workshop”, where she taught moms to save their own sanity by creating comedy to deal with stresses of parenthood. There was considerably less spit-up involved.

Margie traded comedy for career counseling and now finds deep satisfaction in working with clients who do as they’re told, rarely sass her in public, and never, ever wipe their snotty little noses on her favorite shirt.

She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband Ivan Kimmelman, and her cat Sylvie.

Her daughters are grown, and she assumes that having made them the subject of her cartoons for most of their early years as she mocked motherhood is the reason they have both moved to Brooklyn. She misses them terribly.

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